FlexWave Skill Development Program

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About Our Program

FlexWave, known for providing cutting-edge internships, has joined forces with Google Developers Student Club to offer an unparalleled internship experience. Participants will delve into a comprehensive curriculum covering key areas in the tech industry.

Featured Skill Tracks:

> Web Development
> Graphic Designing
> Digital Marketing
> Freelancing
> Python with GUI Development


Embark on a transformative journey with the FlexWave Skill Development Program, now in an exclusive collaboration with the prestigious Google Developers Student Club. This unique partnership brings together the innovative spirit of FlexWave , a dynamic tech startup, and the industry-leading expertise of Google Developers.

Benefits of Enrolling:

– Gain hands-on experience in diverse tech areas.
– Acquire a comprehensive skill set, enhancing employability.
– Develop freelancing skills and explore entrepreneurship.
– Network with peers and professionals in the tech industry.
– Stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies.

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